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Quran School Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Respect Quran School (RQS) mentorship program that connects you, our prospective mentors, and our Quran school students to perform the best deed as advised by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). Do you want to turn your knowledge in Quran and Islamic studies into practice and improve your communication skills while doing it? Would you like to get your volunteer hours and free academic advising from Respect Graduate School professors? Then, this program is just perfect for you! RQS has students of all ages from beginner level to advanced levels (Memorization/Hifz). We are looking for volunteer mentors who would like to help 6 to 17 years old male and female students.

Who Can Apply?

Are you good at makhraj and tajweed rules? Do you know the importance of teaching the Quran? Do you need a platform where you can apply your theoretical knowledge in a real-life setting? Do you think you forget your education in Islam and Quran? Do you want to do something good for the sake of Allah? If you answer yes to one of these questions, this program is for you.

What is expected from prospective mentors?

You will meet assigned students one hour per week via google meet or zoom to follow up on the homework or other assignments based on the instructor's guidelines.

You need to address the specific needs of the students in your mentorship hours.

You would interact with students to improve their communication skills and encourage them to learn more about the Quran.

You would interact with the parents to foster the relationship between Respect Graduate School and the families.

How to Apply?

Please fill out the following form to apply for the mentorship program. Allow us to consider your application in 2-3 weeks from the date you complete your application

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